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    Dell Precision
    7710 Workstation

    This 17” screen power house packs the ultimate storage and speed needed for power on the run. The Dell Precision 7710 Workstation is our top of the line laptop and does not disappoint.

    Dell Precision
    7510 Workstation

    The Dell Precision 7510 Workstation features a 15” screen and offers the fastest CPU’s available by Dell in a laptop. For more of a compact mobile option this system is perfect for power on the go.

    Dell Precision
    5510 Workstation

    This is Dell’s slimmest, fastest, most powerful 15” screen laptop and is ideal for students and business road trips. The Dell Precision 5510 Workstation also boasts a beautiful display capable of impressing all.

    Dell Precision
    3510 Workstation

    The 3510 systems are the first of its kind with the Intel Core Xeon processor, specifically in this machine the E3-1505M v5. For the budget line, you’re getting one powerful machine.

    Dell Latitude 14
    Rugged Extreme - 7414

    If you’re in the market for a system that is drop- and dust- proof while encompassing up-to-date speed and storage the Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme 7414 is capable of following you on archeological Dinosaur digs.

    Dell Latitude 14
    Rugged 5404 ATG

    The Dell Latitude 14 Rugged 5404 ATG allows for drops, spills and tossing without affecting the wear of the system. It thrives in extreme temperatures while still featuring high end specs needed in the field.

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  • Home laptops

    Dell XPS 13

    Dell has created the world’s smallest 13-inch laptop in the Dell XPS 13 9350. This system is the 6th Gen Intel core processors and are equipped with the latest 3200x1800 QHD Infinity Edge to Edge display.

    Dell XPS 15

    The Dell XPS 15 9550 is Dells smallest 15-inch laptop, competing with the likes of the Mac Book Pro for world’s best. The XPS 15 packages an optional 1TB SSD hard drive which will allow for maximum storage alongside maximum speed.

    Dell XPS 13

    The new Dell XPS 13 9360 is the world’s fastest thirteen inch laptop with the Skylake 7th Generation model upgrade. These systems have the potential for 1TB NVME SSD along with a QHD 3200x1800. They are equipped for up to ten hours battery life and weigh less then three pounds.

    Dell XPS 15

    The New Dell XPS 15 9560 systems are the latest flagship iteration of their most powerful portable consumer model. Packing an i7 7700HQ CPU and up to a 2TB NVME SSD along with a 4k 3840 x 2160 screen. These systems are meant for the top of the line user who needs power and mobility.

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What does Refurbished Actually Mean?

What does refurbished actually mean? Several times a week customers will contact us regarding what the “refurbished” condition means so we would like to clear this up once and for all. A refurbished system or part means that the manufacturer takes personal care of refurbishing the system or part before it is released for resale. These systems go through a series of tests and diagnostics before the manufacture releases them as refurbished and prepares them for resale.

Why are computers labeled refurbished? Before answering, I will first ask you a question. Have you ever purchased an item and after getting it home decided that it wasn’t right for you so you returned it to the store? With large system manufacturers, you can imagine how many returns they receive each month. Some systems are returned at the end of a short lease period from large corporations and some are canceled orders. These are just a few ways computers are listed as refurbished. There are many other reasons that a computer is marked refurbished but we aren’t given the story behind each system or peripheral purchased.

Before a refurbished system is ready for resale each computer is examined inside and outside to make sure all components are functioning and there is no structural damage. The same with parts. An in house tech will run programs to verify that software and hardware components are working properly, and approve the system to be resold. Some systems have blemishes but this is normal for any refurbished product. Merk America holds strict standard when listing a refurbished computer or accessory for sale. We run our own quality control on each system and verify that the cosmetic condition of the system is to the standard our customers expect from Merk America. If the system is below standard it not listed for resale. In terms of laptop systems, we make sure that all screens are clear of scratches, dead pixels and are working properly. If it is a touch screen, we run testing to make sure the touch screen is working. All specs are verified with the information provided through the manufacturer so you can rest assured the item matches the specs listed on our website.

Since Merk America is an authorized distributor of several companies refurbished products we pride ourselves in having only the best specifications and the highest quality systems. All Dell, HP, Apple and Lenovo, refurbished computers come with an official manufacturers warranty. This warranty gives you complete peace of mind while saving hundreds of dollars off manufacturers new pricing. These refurbished systems and components are “certified pre-owned” models that leave plenty of cash in your pocket after buying from Merk America.

If we haven’t answered all your questions about refurbished systems and peripherals, please feel free to email us by clicking the contact us link on the website or call 1-888-304-6664.


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