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What we sell

Merkamerica sells both New and Refurbished computers. Listed below is an explanation of both.


These computers we purchase are coming to us brand new and in either a Del Outlet Brown box or a Dell Retail box. We open, inspect, run diagnostics, and install upgrades on these computers if necessary. You can verify with the manufacture they are new.


When you purchase an item from the manufacture, you usually have a number of days to cancel or return your item. Our certified items come to us as part of this overstock program. Whether the customer returned because they could no longer afford their product, or because it just did not suit their needs, or it was sent to the wrong address, or they just ordered the wrong product! Our items are refurbished by the manufactures, and tested to meet new specifications. We also have the ability to run in house testing to catch any mistakes before shipping your product out to you. We want to make sure you have the best possible product at the best possible price! While 80-90% of units are in brand new unused condition, some units may have cosmetic blemishes or microscopic scratches. Most times you will receive a brand new computer at 30-50% the cost savings. If you have any questions about the condition of a computer, feel free to ask or chat with us, and we will inspect immediately for you and let you know its details.


Due to our low prices and quick turnover, sometimes our items are listed, and sell, the same day. When this happens, an item will say that is it currently unavailable. We are sorry to say that this means the stock is sold. If you see any item that is currently unavailble, feel free to email us and we can direct you to the closest item in stock.

Why Buy from Merkamerica?

We started out from humble beginnings in 1998 selling everything from Desktops to Ram to Clothing. We found our niche in 2001 and since then we have tried to provide the best customer service and lowest prices available on the open market. Merkamerica offers you the same retail boxed products that you would buy at the bigger retail chains, without the retail markup that would normally pay! How do we do this? Lower overhead and efficient processes. While we might not be as big as the bigboys, our products and services meet or exceed what you might find in a retail store chain. We focus our efforts on the individual customer service.

Why Buy from Merkamerica Vs Dell?

We offer the same products with the same Dell factory warranty as you would receive when purchasing direct from Dell.  This means you can go to Dell for any required service!  Another difference with us is that you will usually pay between 30-50% less then buying direct from Dell, and our items are in stock at all times.  So no waiting 3-4 weeks for Dell to build your sytem.  We can get you the product you want next day!


All products carry a Manufactures warranty unless otherwise stated. Upon shipping, we will transfer your warranty from our store to Dell with your information obtained from the order process. The warranty transfer is done manually at Dell Headquarters, and it takes 7-10 days to complete. You will receive warranty transfer instructions upon purchase and shipment of your item.

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